Protect & Define Your Home with a Tile Roofing System

Your home is an essential investment, and your roof plays a crucial role in protecting and shaping its structure. The roof of your home is the largest surface area and one of the most important architectural features of the design.

Choosing the right roof is essential when building your dream home, extending your existing home, remodeling, or re-roofing. Your home’s roof should be strong, long-lasting, and suited to your home’s architectural style. At Austin Roof Specialists, we can assist you in making the appropriate decision. Tile roofing systems come in a wide range of unique designs and profiles that can complement various architectural styles and specifications.

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Tile Roofs are Durable and Cost-Effective

Boral Ceramic and Terracotta tiles are designer tiles made from natural clays. The tiles are subjected to temperatures as high as 1100 degrees Celsius to preserve their color and maintain their original appearance as they age. Over time, concrete tiles may experience some color fading.

However, it is essential to note that this will not impact the tile’s overall functionality or performance. After installation, minimal maintenance is necessary. If a roof section is damaged, individual tile replacement is an added advantage. Tile roofs provide a cost-effective solution compared to shingle or metal roofing systems of similar quality.

We Deliver Heavy Duty Tile Roofing Systems

If you live in an area prone to bushfires, consider using concrete roof tiles for your home’s roofing needs. When properly installed, these provide excellent protection against the intense Texas sun’s radiant heat, resulting in a more comfortable and affordable living area.

Properly installing clay and concrete materials with thermal mass can lead to excellent insulation properties. Due to their weight, concrete tiles perform better, particularly in high-wind situations. Heavier roofing tiles are used instead of lighter materials like metal or shingles to prevent damage from uplift pressures.

Elegant & Uniquely Striking Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tile roofs offer an exquisite and flexible design that is visually stunning, with long-lasting color and minimal upkeep. These top-of-the-line tiles provide a sleek appearance and minimalist texture that can complement a modern home. Throughout history, terracotta tiles have been used as natural clay products to protect against weather conditions.

Boral produces high-quality Designer Ceramic and Terracotta tiles by carefully selecting clays and firing them at 1100°C in a kiln. This process creates a lightweight roofing material that is both solid and superior in quality. When clay and glaze materials are heated at high temperatures, they melt and fuse. This process results in a finished tile that can resist harsh UV exposure.

How to Choose the Right Tile Roof

The appropriate tile roofing system selection relies on personal preferences, including the desired build, color, and finish. Austin Roof Specialists installs Boral roof tiles. Boral Tile Roofing Systems are built to last.

Boral is the leading brand of tile roofing systems, with:

  • 60-year Manufacturer Performance Warranty for Designer Ceramic
  • 50-Year Manufacturer Performance Warranty for Terracotta Tiles
  • 20-Year Manufacturer Performance Warranty on Concrete Tiles

Choose the Best Shape and Size of the Tiles on Your New Roof

There is a difference in size and shape among Ceramic, Terracotta, and Concrete tiles. The various shapes and sizes of tiles determine the number of tiles needed per square meter and the specific pattern for installation.

Ceramic and terracotta tiles designed by professionals are smaller than concrete tiles. Choosing the right tile for your home design can be influenced by its complexities. When choosing roofing tiles, the homeowner and contractor should consider the profile. Interlocking tiles prevent water from seeping in between or underneath them.

On average, nine concrete tiles are needed per square meter, which is larger than Ceramic or Terracotta tiles, which require 11 tiles per meter. The interlocking of concrete tiles occurs only on their sides. Whether you need Boral, ceramic, terracotta, or concrete tiles, they are all suitable for any location, including areas near shorelines and regions prone to bushfires.

Consider the Profile of Your Roof

The profile of a tile refers to its shape and structure.

At Austin Roof Specialists, we provide various types of tiles for roofing, including smooth and flat tiles and pronounced and rippled tile roofing systems. Selecting the right profile for your new roof is crucial and depends on both the pitch and style of your roof.

Pick the Proper Color & Finish for Your Home

The color of your roof can affect the look and feel of your home. Choosing the right color from a variety of options can be overwhelming. However, by following a few simple steps, you can make a confident decision and select a color that will be admired by you, your friends, and your family for years to come.

When selecting the color for your new roof, it’s essential to remember your home’s architecture and the surrounding environment. It is important to choose a color for your gutters and fascia that complements your home’s finish because they are near the tiles. We suggest using tile and gutters/fascia with balanced or contrasting colors for a better look. When selecting the color for your new roof, it’s essential to consider other home features like external walls, garage doors, and window frames.

Ceramic and Terracotta tiles are available in different finishes/textures: 

  • High-Gloss or Matt Finish, a Good Choice for More Modern Homes
  • Semi-Glazed, Popular for a Traditional Mottled Build
  • Unglazed for a Natural Clay look 

Concrete Tiles come in Color-On and Color-Through Finishes:

Color-on tiles have a layer of colored coating that serves as protection. In contrast, Color-Through tiles have coloring blended into the concrete mix, resulting in a smooth finish and long-lasting pigment. During the curing phase, we protect concrete tiles by using an acrylic sealant.


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