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Austin Roof Specialists has a solid commitment to customer service and satisfaction. Our team members are knowledgeable and experienced in all aspects of commercial Roofing, from installation to repair and maintenance. Our Roofing Experts are highly trained and certified roofers familiar with the latest roofing technologies and techniques.

We provide a wide range of roofing materials and products to choose from so that customers can find the best solution.

Austin Roof Specialists is esteemed in the roofing industry, with a proven track record of successful projects and satisfied customers. Your Roof Specialists will provide references from past customers and be willing to answer any questions or concerns that customers may have. Additionally, we provide a Craftsmanship warranty on our work so that customers can be sure their roofs will last for years.

Austin Roof Specialists is current on the latest safety regulations and standards and can provide a safe working environment for its employees. The Roof Specialists are fully insured and have a comprehensive insurance policy to protect our customers from accidents or damages.

Finally, Austin Roof Specialists can provide a competitive price for its services. They should be able to give a fair and reasonable estimate for the project’s cost and be willing to work with customers to find the best solution for their budget. Our skilled roofers are ready to provide deals or other incentives to clients who choose us.


 Multi-Family Roof Repair & Replacement

A highly skilled roofing contractor faces several challenges when repairing or replacing the roof of a large multi-family apartment building. These challenges include ensuring the safety of workers and tenants, working within tight deadlines, and dealing with the complexities of the building’s structure. Additionally, the contractor must know local building codes and regulations and potential weather-related delays. The contractor must also be prepared to work with various materials, including shingles, tiles, and metal, and must be able to install and secure them properly. Finally, the contractor must be able to work with the building’s management to ensure that the roofing project is completed on time and within budget.

The advantages of a high-quality roof on a multi-family apartment building include increased energy efficiency, improved durability, better protection from the elements, and enhanced aesthetics. Additionally, a high-quality roof can help reduce maintenance costs and extend the life of the building.

New Commercial Roofing Systems provides Protective Layers equipped for Harsh Weather.

Modern commercial Roofing typically consists of a waterproof and weatherproof membrane, insulation, and a protective layer. The membrane is usually made of rubber, thermoplastic, or modified bitumen and is designed to protect the building from water and weather damage. Insulation is typically made of foam or fiberglass, designed to keep the building cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The protective layer is usually made of gravel, stone, or metal and is designed to protect the membrane from UV rays and other environmental factors.

A commercial roofing system can protect your property from the elements by providing a waterproof barrier that prevents water from entering the building. It can also provide insulation to help regulate the temperature inside the building and protect the building from wind and other weather-related damage.


Austin’s most Trusted Commercial Roof Construction Consultants.


An experienced roofing consulting firm that provides high-quality roofing recommendations for commercial builders should have a team of experienced professionals with extensive knowledge of roofing materials, construction techniques, and industry regulations. They should be able to provide detailed recommendations on the best roofing system for a particular project, considering factors such as climate, budget, and building design. They should also be able to advise on the installation process and ongoing maintenance and repair services.


What are the Benefits of Preventive Commercial Roof Maintenance?


Routine commercial roof maintenance can provide several benefits, including:

  • Prolonged Roof Life: Regular maintenance and repairs can help extend the life of your commercial roof. You can save money on costly repairs in the long run by identifying and fixing minor problems before they become significant issues.

  • Energy Efficiency: A well-maintained roof can help reduce energy costs by ensuring the insulation and ventilation systems work correctly. This can lead to lower heating and cooling costs, saving you money in the long run.

  • Safety: Regular maintenance can help identify and fix potential safety hazards, such as loose or missing shingles, which can prevent accidents and injuries.

  • Protection of Building structure and assets: Routine maintenance can help prevent water damage to the building structure and support, which can cause mold, rot, and other serious problems.

  • Preventing Leaks: Leaks can be a significant problem for commercial roofs, causing damage to the building and its contents. Routine maintenance can help identify and fix leaks before they cause substantial damage.

  • Aesthetics: Regular maintenance can help keep the roof looking good, improving the overall appearance of the building. A good-looking roof can also enhance the curb appeal of the building, which can attract tenants and customers.

  • Compliance: Many commercial roofing systems require regular maintenance to comply with manufacturers’ warranties, building codes, and insurance requirements.

  • Cost-effective: Regular maintenance can save money in the long run by identifying and fixing problems before they become significant and costly repairs.


What is Single-ply Roofing?


Single-ply Roofing is a type of roofing system that uses a single layer of material to provide waterproofing and protection from the elements. Single-ply Roofing Materials consist of synthetic rubber or thermoplastic material, such as EPDM, PVC, or TPO. Single-ply roofing systems are lightweight, durable, and easy to install, making them famous for commercial and industrial buildings.

TPO Roofing

TPO (Thermoplastic Olefin) roofing is a type of flat roofing system made from thermoplastic material. TPO is a synthetic rubber heat-welded together to create a waterproof, UV-resistant surface. It is a popular choice for commercial and industrial buildings because of its durability, energy efficiency, and ease of installation. TPO roofs are also resistant to chemicals, punctures, and extreme temperatures. 

They are also environmentally friendly because they contain no chlorine, which can harm the ozone layer.


PVC Roofing

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) roofing is a type of flat roofing system made from thermoplastic material, similar to TPO roofing. PVC roofing systems are made from a PVC membrane that is heat-welded together to create a waterproof and UV-resistant surface. PVC roofing systems are known for their durability, energy efficiency, and resistance to chemicals, punctures, and extreme temperatures, similar to TPO roofing. They are also resistant to UV rays and fire and have a longer life expectancy. PVC roofing systems are typically more expensive than TPO, but they have a longer life expectancy and are more resistant to punctures and tears. PVC roofing systems are also environmentally friendly because they contain no chlorine, which can harm the ozone layer.


EPDM Roofing

EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) roofing is a flat roofing system made from synthetic rubber. EPDM roofing systems are created from a single-ply rubber membrane installed in large sheets, typically measuring between 10 and 50 feet wide. EPDM roofing systems are known for their durability, flexibility, and resistance to extreme temperatures, UV rays, and weathering. They are also relatively inexpensive and easy to install.

EPDM roofing systems are often used for commercial and industrial buildings and residential applications such as garage and porch roofs. They are also environmentally friendly because they are made from recycled and recyclable materials.




Protect Your Investment

Protect your commercial investment by upgrading your commercial roofing system. Commercial roofing systems are critical in protecting commercial real estate and its lifespan. If your roof is having issues, then it could be installed incorrectly. Our commercial roof Specialists are experienced and reliable. We proudly state that our commercial roofing systems are of the highest quality and provide the best value in Texas. There is no one-size-fits-all roof for commercial roofing systems; each rooftop has unique strengths.

In some cases, a more traditional option is the best choice. However, your commercial roof might require a more advanced roofing system. Your roof specialist will meet with you to discuss necessary commercial roof services to protect your commercial property and your investment. Austin roof specialists use the best products and provide highly reliable service. Suppose you are interested in a commercial roof inspection or are having issues with your commercial roof. In that case, Austin Roof Specialists can help protect your property investments; Contact us today. We’ll be happy to schedule a complimentary commercial roof inspection.

Low-slope and Flat Commercial Roofing Systems

Some commercial rooftops have low-slope roofing systems; other commercial properties have a flat roof design. Both commercial roof types, low-sloped and flat roofs, help businesses reduce energy costs and provide conventional heating and cooling units. Flat rooftops are extremely popular and the standard in most instances for these reasons. Flat commercial roofing systems and substantial properties are the best choices for most commercial buildings.

Installation of flat roofing systems’ requires a licensed, experienced, and reputable commercial roofing contractor. To ensure our clients receive high-quality service and skilled facilities, Austin Roof Specialists is up-to-date with the latest tools and techniques for a quality commercial roof installation. Austin Roof Specialists service all commercial roof types. Call us or fill out the form above, and your commercial roof specialists will contact you shortly.

Your initial consultation is 100% free. The initial consultation allows us to inspect your roof and talk you through our Commercial roofing installation process from day one to the finishing day. We will provide a range of material options to fit your budget. Once our work is complete, our team will clean up; your workspace will not lose any curb appeal during the installation process.

TPO Roof Installation

TPO roof installation is well known for large commercial buildings. These roofs are energy efficient and lasting. Our TPO roofing service doesn’t end at installation. Suppose your roof is experiencing water damage or the age-induced wear-and-tear caused by the everyday Texas climate, and your roof requires replacement. In that case, our experienced roof specialists can install your new TPO roofing system. Once installed, the roof specialists will assist with repairs and maintenance to ensure reliability. Upon request, your roof specialist will perform a roof examination to spot potential problems.

Thermoplastic Polyolefin, also known as TPO, is a single-layer roofing material that provides adequate Performance. TPO Roofs have Heat-welded seams that deliver superior strength. A TPO roof is a Reliable low-slope roofing system primarily because of TPO’s long-term heat, UV, and natural fungal resistance, plus flexibility without plasticizers.

The Austin Roof Specialist is proud to supply a TPO roofing system to your business. For over 20 years, TPO has been one of the most popular products used for low-slope/commercial roofing systems, and over one billion square feet are installed annually.

Energy Efficient

Many commercial developers are choosing TPO roof systems for functionality, primarily energy efficiency. Commercial buildings are usually large and require Advanced heating and cooling systems to maintain a comfortable temperature inside. The TPO rooftop surface is vital because it reflects heat when it’s hot and absorbs warmth when it’s cold, saving money and providing a comfortable working environment.

Thermoplastic Polyolefin roofs are solid and durable. Our skilled TPO roofing contractors are experts who have experience installing and maintaining TPO roofing systems. Austin roof specialists are committed to installing, maintaining, and repairing all kinds of roofs with only the highest quality standards. We stand behind our craftsmanship, especially our impressive TPO roof installations. We supply the best roofing material. TPO roofing products are top of the line, and more importantly, extremely dependable.

Benefits of TPO Roofing

  • Outstanding Performance at a cost-effective price
  • Great Seam Strength
  • Long–Term Weathering (great long term heat and UV resistance)
  • Energy-saving (Highly Reflective)
  • Inherently FlexIble
  • Naturally Fungal Resistant

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