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The Roof Replacement Specialists

There are several considerations when deciding whether you should repair your roof or if a complete roof replacement is a sensible choice. To be acquainted fully, before reaching that decision, you should reach out to the Austin Roof Specialists, and we will conduct a thorough roof examination.

The Austin Roof Specialists are trained in residential and commercial roof repairs, whether the damage has been caused by the everyday Texas climate or a harsh storm event. Our experienced team will identify imperfections and correct your roof. We will inspect the damage and decide the most suitable course of action to restore your residence.

The Austin Roof Specialists will ensure that your roofing system is operating correctly. We will never encourage you to replace your roof unless it is needed.

Roof Replacement in round rock

Choosing the Right Roofing Contractor

Roof repair and roof replacement is an important project with many moving parts and tiny details. For these reasons, it is essential to have sound judgment when choosing the best roofing contractor for you.

Suppose you have multiple estimates from different roofing companies. In that case, it is vital to consider the experience and reputation of the roofing company, the extent of the services offered in the estimate, and any other ways in which the roofing company can help, such as in negotiating insurance. Errors with a roof repair or roof replacement can be extremely costly and cause other problems down the road. That’s why you should consider a high-quality roofing service to be an investment in your home.
At Austin Roof Specialists, we do not propose a job unless we think we are the best roofer for you: in many cases, we have to redirect customers outside our specialty. Our long-time customers often find that choosing Austin Roof Specialists was a wise investment after considering how much we helped them with insurance and how they have had no problems with their roofs for years.

Roofing Materials

Roofing material is an important factor in determining the lifespan of your roof. However, your roof’s lifespan can depend on several factors, such as the design of your home or building, regional weather conditions, and frequency of maintenance.

The longest-lasting roofing material is slate or clay / concrete tile. Tile roofing systems made from clay, slate, or tile usually outperform all other roofing materials.

Based on information from the National Association of Home Builders, here is a list of roofing material types based on the average expected lifespan:

  • Clay / concrete tile (100+ years)
  • Slate (60-150 years)
  • Copper (70+ years)
  • Metal (40-80 years)
  • Asphalt (30 years)
  • BUR / Built-Up Roofing (30 years)
  • Coal and Tar (30 years)
  • Wood (30 years)
  • Fiber Cement (25 years)
  • Asphalt Shingles – 3 tab (20 years)
  • Cellulose Fiber (20 years)
  • Modified Bitumen (20 years)
  • EPDM Rubber (15-25 years)
  • Simulated slate (10-35 years)
  • TPO (7-20 years)
  • Aluminum coating (3-7 years)

Clay/concrete tile roofing is popular in high-end homes because of its long-lasting nature and rich aesthetic. If the tile roof is installed correctly, it can often withstand weather events such as hail damage. However, tile roofs still need regular maintenance and inspection, and you should expect to conduct repair from time to time.
While clay/concrete tile roofs last the longest, this does not mean that they are best for your home. In many cases, the type of roofing available to you might depend on local building code requirements. Some roofs also have other advantages beyond Metal roofs, such as reflecting solar heat and reducing cooling costs by 10-25%. For this reason, metal roofs are trendy on commercial roofs. If you need to replace your roof and are looking for the best roofing materials, contact us for a free consultation.

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