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Family Owned & Operated Roofing Contractor in Austin, Texas

Austin Roof Specialists is one of the most prominent family-owned and operated roofing companies in the local Austin area. For over 49 Years, Austin Roof specialists have delivered expert roof repair and roof replacement services and quality to homes and businesses. The Roof Specialists are dependable and will provide you with a durable roof to protect your Home or Commercial investment.

Having your roof repaired or replaced is an investment in your home or business. Roof maintenance is necessary to conserve your home or workplace’s strength and protect you, your family, and your employees from the harsh Texas climate. Our roof specialists are well-trained and deliver only quality work. We are qualified to maintain, repair, and replace your roofing system to protect your property.


If your property has experienced a severe storm, such as a hail storm, we can help. Our expert roofers will recognize and repair any storm damage. We understand the roofing insurance process and will guide you through each step, from filing your claim to enjoying your new roof. In addition, your roof specialist will ensure that your roof is leak-free, meeting our high specification and quality standards. Austin roof specialists are committed to serving the local Austin community by providing quality craft, excellent customer service, and reliability.

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Your Roof is a Crucial Part of Your Home

Your roof protects you from the harshest elements. Exposure to the intense Texas climate can deteriorate your roof over time. If your roof shows deterioration, you’ll need a roofing contractor.

We offer our customers an array of roofing services—standard services such as tile roof repair and shingle roof replacement are common. You won’t have to worry about placing your trust in our roof repair or replacement services, as we have been in the business for more than 49 years. Our loyal customers always come back to us when they experience roofing issues that require an expert roofer to solve them.

Signs of Roof Damage


There are clear indicators that you may need a roof repair or replacement. Please don’t wait until your roof has degenerated before you employ our services. Below are some tell-tale signs that you need to call us for either a roof replacement or repair:

Water Damage and Stains Inside Your Home

If you notice water stains on your ceilings or interior walls, this could signify trapped water in your roof. This will result in a leaky roof if left unattended.

Damaged Flashings

Suppose the flashings around your chimneys, skylights, gutters, or vents show deterioration. Call us immediately for a thorough assessment; damaged flashing could indicate roof damage.


Roof Damage Remedies

It can be challenging to diagnose a roof problem without an expert roofer, but you can do the following if you feel something’s wrong with your roof.

Conduct Visual Inspections

Routine roof inspections are needed to ensure the integrity of your home. Examining your roof for possible damage is good practice before taking action. You can look for simple signs like water stains, damaged flashings, and cracked shingles. If these signs are present, it’s time to contact a roofing contractor immediately. Remember that preventative measures can save your wallet. Before your roof’s condition worsens, you must have your roof inspected for underlying issues.

Do Not Try to Fix Your Roof by Yourself

Fixing your roof by yourself can be dangerous. You could slip and fall while doing so. Instead of risking your safety, contact an experienced roofing contractor. We have the know-how and the right tools to do the job. Roofing repairs and replacements are not DIY projects you can perform unassisted. Multiple roof components must be removed and re-installed correctly to ensure that your home is 100% leak free.

Schedule Roofing Inspections With Us

Contact an Austin Roof Specialist to perform an inspection of your roof. Our experts can help improve and lengthen your roof’s lifespan, appearance, and protection. You can always count on us to accurately diagnose and address your roofing problems.

How We Can Help


After contacting a roof specialist and obtaining a free quote, you can expect us to incorporate the following processes into our roof replacement and repair services:

Old Roof Removal

We will use your roof assessment to identify and remove the damaged roofing layer-by-layer. In the case of a roof replacement, we will remove your entire roof.


Roof Installation

During the roof installation phase, we will replace each layer of your roof. This process could involve installing new flashing, sealants, underlay, decking, and ice and water shield, depending on the needs of your roof.



We will take care of the post-installation clean-up for you. You won’t have to worry about removing big chunks of roofing materials from your yard. We’ve got you covered.


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We are a family-owned roofing company that specializes in roof repair and replacement. Texas has extreme weather conditions, and you do not want to have a leaking roof. Our company is dedicated to addressing your roofing problems at the most reasonable price. Request a free quote right now, and get started with your roofing repair and replacement soon.

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¨Very happy with the roof Austin Roof Specialists installed after a hail storm. The owner, Gary, is very knowledgeable, and his crew tore off and installed my new roof quickly and efficiently. A few extras were thrown in to make sure my roof is the best. I do not hesitate to recommend Gary and his company.¨

– Richard M.

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