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If you’re a homeowner, a metal roof might catch your interest. Once you understand the benefits of having a metal roof, you’ll realize it’s your home’s most valuable roofing system. At Austin Roof Specialists, we offer high-quality metal roofing services, including installing, maintaining, and repairing metal roofs.

The Roof Specialists are reliable for installing and maintaining a robust, long-lasting metal roofing system. The Roof Specialists have served the Austin area and neighboring communities for over five decades. Metal roofing systems are a great option in Austin and nearby areas due to their durability and ability to resist heat. Metal roofs reflect UV rays which help keep your home cool and reduce energy costs.

Metal roofing is highly durable and can withstand heavy rainstorms, making it a perfect choice for the rainy season. Metal roofs of premium quality can withstand strong winds of up to 140 miles per hour without compromising their structural integrity during harsh storms. Metal roofs are also impact-resistant, which means they won’t corrode or split due to hail storms.

Residential roofing services

Aesthetically Pleasing & Structurally Sound Metal Roofing

Our standing seam metal roof systems are preferred for customers who want an attractive and durable home roofing solution. Our standing seam metal roofing systems offer a combination of attractiveness, reliability, and durability. They provide longevity and enhance the appearance of your home. At Austin Roof Specialists, we are experts in installing MBCI’s Standing Seam Metal Roofing Systems.

MBCI offers two standing seam metal roofs:

  •  Vertical leg structural 
  • trapezoidal structural

Weathertight & Stunning Standing Seam Roofing Systems

Vertical Leg Structural and Trapezoidal Standing seam roofs can withstand winds up to 90 mph and resist fire and impact damage. Standing seam metal roofs are beautiful and weather-resistant, ensuring a polished look even in the harsh Texas weather. The vertical leg systems combine an architectural panel’s attractive appearance with a structural panel’s durability.

Standing seam metal roofing systems have won numerous awards and boast some of the highest UL uplift ratings in the industry. When installed correctly, these roofs guarantee reliability while allowing for flexibility in your home’s design.

Expect Resilience and Durability from Your New Metal Roof

If you’re a homeowner seeking a roofing system that is resilient, durable, and long-lasting, consider the trapezoidal standing seam metal roof. The trapezoidal standing seam roofing systems feature seams positioned 3 inches above the lower part of the panel. This design ensures the seam is situated well above the water level, allowing water to flow off the roof easily. By having rakes on both sides of the roof, there is no need for additional finishing in the low, flat part of the panel. This helps prevent leaks, which often occur in that area.

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