Commercial Roof Coating

Weather-Resistant Roof Coating

Austin Roof Specialists delivers weather-resistant commercial roof coatings to prevent wear and tear, enhance the performance of your roof, and reduce energy consumption. Commercial roof coatings can save energy by adequately insulating your property, reducing the need for heating, and cooling, leading to lower energy/operating costs.

The Roof Specialists has serviced the local Austin community and neighboring communities for over 50 years. Austin Roof Specialists is the leading roofing contractor for commercial roof coatings. Our decades of knowledge of roof coatings and systems permit us to provide the highest-performance commercial roof coatings at the most reasonable price.

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Lengthens the Lifecycle of Your Property’s Roof

A commercial roof coating can extend your roof’s life, increase your roof’s general performance, enhance the energy efficiency of your property, and significantly reduce the risk of damage caused by leaking.

Commercial roof coatings are good options for property owners interested in extending the life of their roofs without compromising on performance or reliability.

Consider the Benefits of Roof Coatings

Advantages of Commercial roof coatings:


  • Roof coatings can increase energy efficiency by reducing energy consumption.


  • Commercial roof coatings lengthen the lifecycle of your property’s roof. 


  • Roof coatings are low maintenance and can reduce the likelihood of needed repairs in the future. 


  • In many cases, a roof coating is the most economical option for most commercial properties due to reduced maintenance and repair costs and the roof’s increased longevity.


A Roof Coating Could be a Strategic Investment Opportunity

Austin Roof Specialists provides several commercial roof coatings services. A roof coating reduces the risk of leaking, which could cause water damage, and adds considerable value to your property.

Commercial roof coatings can also be a strategic option when selling a property with an older building. The buyer might adjust the sales price or demand the seller pays for a new roof. By applying a commercial roof coating, instead of replacing the roof entirely, an owner can ensure the buyer that the roof is weathertight and save lots of cash while also adding considerable time to the roof’s lifecycle.

A commercial roof coating is a lucrative investment for most real estate building owners. However, structurally deficient or unsafe roofs can not simply be coated with a roof coating. Structurally deficient roofs must be pulled off and replaced. Roof coatings are designed to increase the lifecycle of an older, safe, and structurally sound roof.

Depending on the existing roof’s design, there are several coating options.


  • Acrylic coatings
  • Silicone coatings
  • Coating primers
  • Coating sealants
  • Polyurethane spray coatings

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