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Residential Roof Repair

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Residential Roofing

Today’s most popular residential roofing solution, asphalt shingles, provides reliable protection and functionality for an affordable price. Shingle roofing systems come in various colors, textures, and styles. An asphalt shingle roofing system is a clear choice if you want a well-tested and dependable roofing solution! The Roof Specialists provide affordable roofing solutions to homeowners in Austin and the surrounding communities of Austin. The Roof Specialists deliver the highest quality repair and replacement services in central Texas.


¨Very happy with the roof Austin Roof Specialists installed after a hail storm. The owner, Gary, is very knowledgeable, and his crew tore off and installed my new roof quickly and efficiently. A few extras were thrown in to make sure my roof is the best. I do not hesitate to recommend Gary and his company.¨

– Richard M.


Your Roof Repair

The time has come to replace the aged roof on your home. As shingles near the end of their life, the singles will show signs of wear, such as missing granules and elevated areas. If your neighbors are getting their roofs replaced, you should contact the roof specialists, and we will conduct a free roof examination.

Our experienced team will walk you through each step. You will be able to select the perfect color, texture, and material for your home. We’ll recommend cost-effective options in line with your budget and functional needs to make the best choice.

After installation, your family will enjoy many years of quality weather protection. Asphalt shingles typically last 30 years, and premium shingles can last 50 years when properly maintained. Shingle roofing systems are robust and protect your home from the rain, Texas heat, the occasional cold front, and harsh Texas climate. 

Hail Damage Repair


Extreme weather events, such as hail storms, are the most common cause of roof damage. Your roof bears a brutal beating during a hail storm, and it is vital to have your roof examed after an intense storm to guarantee that your roof is structurally sound. If there is storm damage, it is critical to have the damage repaired, or the roof replaced before other natural weather-related incidences cause additional damage to your home.

OUR step-by-step pROCESS

1. Roof Inspection

First, we inspect your roof and schedule your repair or replacement.

Your roof specialist will take pictures of your roof and be present to meet with you and your insurance adjuster.

2. Planning

We provide a written quote with an agreed-upon installation date, material list, and work description. You can also choose the color and material of your new roof.

3. Delivery and installation

Your roofing materials are usually delivered one day before installation. Next, our team of skilled roofers will install your new roof. An installation takes 1-3 days.

Your project manager will supervise the project from beginning to completion. Upon job completion, the site is cleared of all waste, nails, and trash.

4. Quality Inspection

Your roof specialist will conduct a final examination of your new roof and provide you with photos of before and after.

Wind Damage Repair


Harsh winds can destroy an aging or compromised roof within minutes! Over time, shingles gradually degenerate or shift around, causing leaks into the sub roofing, attic, and interior structural support beams. A sure sign of damage is shingles lying on the ground. After a destructive windstorm, consider having your roof examined by the roof specialists.

Emergency Roof Repair Services

Roof leaks occasionally happen, don’t worry. Call the Roof Specialists at the first sign of a leak, and we will take care of your home! A leak can have severe after-effects and cause water damage.

As the water trickles into the attic, the residual moisture can cause the internal wood of your home to rot, destroy insulation, and generate mold.

Undiscovered leaks can cause severe structural damage to your home.

We’re happy to help, so contact us for immediate emergency roof repair at first sight of a roof leak.

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