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Protect & Define Your Home with a Tile Roofing System

Your home is a vital asset, and your roof protects and defines your home. Your roof occupies the largest surface area of your home, making it one of the most significant architectural features of the structure of your home. Choosing the right roof is essential if you’re building your dream home, extending your existing home, remodeling, or re-roofing your home. Your home’s roof should be robust and durable and perfectly complement your home’s architectural style. Austin Roof Specialists is here to help you make the right choice.

The vast range and unique design of individual tile profiles mean that tile roofing systems can complement various architectural styles and specifications.

Tile Roofs are Durable and Cost-Effective

Designer tiles such as Boral Ceramic and Terracotta are crafted from prepared natural clays. They are heated to temperatures of 1100 degrees Celcius to ensure that the color is locked in, so the tiles retain most of their original color and appearance as they age. Concrete tiles will lose some color over time. However, this color loss does not affect the tile’s performance.

Once installed, there is little maintenance required. If a roof section is damaged, individual tile replacement has the added advantage. Tile roofs are cost-effective compared to similar quality shingle or metal roofing systems. The density of tiles helps reduce external sounds, such as aircraft and road noise, rain, and hail.

We Deliver Heavy Duty Tile Roofing Systems

Concrete roof tiles are designed for homes near bushfire-prone areas. When installed correctly, they provide excellent protection against radiant heat from the harsh Texas sun, creating a more comfortable and cost-effective living space. When installed correctly, the thermal mass of clay and concrete materials can result in favorable insulation properties.

The weight alone enhances the performance of concrete tiles, especially in high-wind conditions. Roofing tiles are heavy compared to shingle or metal roofing systems to reduce the impact of uplift pressures that cause significant damage to lighter-weight materials such as steel sheeting or shingle roofing systems.


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Elegant & Uniquely Striking Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tile roofing systems are elegant, created for design flexibility, and Uniquely striking, with color integrity and low maintenance. These high-performance tiles deliver an utterly streamlined look, with minimalist textures complimenting a more modern home.

Terracotta tiles are natural clay products used to protect against the climate throughout time. Boral manufactures Designer Ceramic and Terracotta tiles using carefully-selected clays that are kilnfired to temperatures of 1100°C, creating a solid yet lightweight roofing material of superior quality. Clay and glaze materials fired at high temperatures melt and fuse, making a finished tile resistant to harsh UV exposure.

How to Choose the Right Tile Roof

Choosing the right tile roofing system depends on personal choice in build, color preference, and finish. Austin Roof Specialists installs Boral roof tiles. Boral Tile Roofing Systems are built to last. Boral is the leading brand of tile roofing systems, with a:

  • 60-year Manufacturer Performance Warranty for Designer Ceramic
  • 50-Year Manufacturer Performance Warranty for Terracotta Tiles
  • 20-Year Manufacturer Performance Warranty on Concrete Tiles

Choose the Best Shape and Size of the Tiles on Your New Roof

Ceramic, Terracotta, and Concrete tiles vary in size and form. Different shapes & sizes mean that each type requires a different number of tiles per square meter and a different pattern when the tiles are installed.

Designer Ceramic and Terracotta tiles are smaller compared to concrete tiles. The best tile choice often depends on the complexities of the design of your home. The homeowner and roofing contractor must also consider the profile; Roofing Tiles interlock to prevent water from running between or under the tiles.

Concrete tiles are bigger, with an average of 9 tiles per square meter compared to smaller Ceramic or Terracotta tiles requiring 11 tiles per meter. Concrete tiles only interlock at the sides. Boral tiles, Ceramic, Terracotta, or Concrete, are suitable for any location, including on shorelines and near bushfire-prone regions.

Consider the Profile of Your Roof

A tile’s profile is the form and structure of the tile. Austin Roof Specialists offers a range of tiles, from smooth and flat tiles to pronounced and rippled tile roofing systems. When choosing the profile of your new roof, the pitch of your roof and style will be critical.

Choose the Best Shape and Size of the Tiles on Your New Roof

The color of your roof can influence your home’s nature and style. With lots of color options choosing the right color can feel overwhelming, but by following a few simple steps, you can feel confident in your decision and choose a color that you, your friends, and your family will admire for years to come.

We recommend considering the architecture of your home and its environment when choosing the color of your new roof.

Choosing a color that matches the gutters and fascia finish of your home is vital since the gutters and the fascia are close to the tiles. We recommend balanced or contrasting colors of tile and gutters/fascia. You should also consider other home features such as external walls, garage doors, and window frames when choosing the color of your new roof.

Ceramic and Terracotta tiles are available in different finishes/textures: 

  • High-Gloss or Matt Finish, a Good Choice for More Modern Homes
  • Semi-Glazed, Popular for a Traditional Mottled Build
  • Unglazed for a Natural Clay look 

Concrete Tiles come in Color-On and Color-Through Finishes:

Color-on tiles are coated with a protective layer of colored coating; compared to Colour-Through tiles, the coloring is blended in the concrete mix for a smooth finish and long-lasting pigment. We use an acrylic sealant for concrete tiles to shield the tile during the curing phase.

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